Posted by: corbin8r | January 18, 2010

Baby You Can Drive My Car

Americans love their cars, I’m no exception.  We drive everywhere that’s convenient, and our society was designed to assure that EVERYwhere is convenient.  We drive to work or school, leave there and drive somewhere to lunch.  After we drive home we drive to the grocery store or restaurant for dinner.  We make multiple trips in the same day to the same store for things we have forgotten.  We drive the kids to soccer and baseball practice, music recitals and lessons, study groups and dances.  We drive sometimes to get away from all the stressful things we have to drive to. Read More…

Posted by: corbin8r | January 11, 2010

Make it Measurable

The carbon footprint calculator gave a good overview of where we are starting from.  It will also show the general level of carbon emission reduction achieved by the actions we take.  This is a great start, but I’m looking for more specific information about four different focal areas: Read More…

Posted by: corbin8r | January 7, 2010

How Cold Can You Go?

Like much of the country, we are experiencing bitterly cold temperatures at the moment.  March out the usual global warming deniers!  If it’s bitterly cold here today, that must mean that there is no global warming.  Read More…

Posted by: corbin8r | January 6, 2010

Honesty is Hard

With any journey there is a beginning.  Hopefully, on any journey you take you have a good idea of your starting point.  To get a better understanding of where we were starting from in our household, I enlisted the help of a carbon footprint calculator found on The Nature Conservancy’s website at  It’s a simple and general way to get a decent estimate of your carbon footprint. Read More…

Posted by: corbin8r | January 6, 2010


Welcome to EnviroDad! 

My hope for this blog is to show small steps that anyone can take to help protect the environment.  It will be small steps, taken by many individuals, that will reap large benefits for our planet and future generations. Read More…